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Our values

The Workforce Development Trust is a not-for-profit organisation helping employers to continually improve their workforce through increasing productivity, improving learning solutions and helping to boost the skills for staff across a wide range of industries throughout the UK and internationally.

Our core values are demonstrated throughout the work we do within our brands who, collectively, make a difference to thousands of people’s lives by working in partnership with governments, employers and training providers to deliver improved workforce outcomes.

About us

We are truly passionate

We live and breathe workforce development. From health and care to hospitality and tourism, each member of the team is dedicated to improving lives and enhancing jobs.

Those operating within one of our four brands work hand in hand with sector leaders, demonstrating the value of sustainable workforce solutions for the future, and getting under the skin of the challenges in the sectors we serve. Our passionate group leadership team oversees a committed staff body that go above and beyond to support the delivery of skills, training, digital workforce platforms, and much more, aligned to our values and charitable aims.

We work with innovation

Leading-edge solutions are provided for the industries that need them most, to deliver innovative ways that improve workforce outcomes. Being a group that works across a range of sectors means we listen and learn from the latest technology and workforce strategies to develop the right services that will make the most impact, now.

Across health, care, policing, fire & rescue, hospitality, travel, and tourism, our people are finding innovative ways to create new skills, deliver them effectively, and provide better outcomes for the public

We are always respectful

Our staff work very closely with one another, and with our clients. Respect is a core value for anyone working at The Workforce Development Trust group and throughout our brands.

We respect the nature of the challenging work faced by those across our sectors, as well as one another by being open, honest, and considerate at all times.

We embody integrity

We only work with like-minded partners and hold ourselves, and them, to high standards when it comes to the delivery of workforce solutions. Not only do we carefully quality assure our own capabilities, but we also use these same values to hold our teams
and partners accountable, and our reputation intact.

If we’re not getting something right, we own up to it -
and set about putting it right.

We are governed by a board of trustees who have vast experience across the sectors that we serve. Along with The Workforce Development Trust group leadership team, they oversee the delivery of strategic aims for the Trust and our brands, as well as ensuring that we meet our charitable aims.


Our charitable aims support the development and effective use of workforce
skills to provide services for public benefit by:

Promoting and advancing workforce education, training and skills through the development of frameworks, capabilities, competences, knowledge and qualifications.

Providing integrated learning, accreditation and digital solutions that increase the effectiveness of workforce skills development, deployment and management.

Improving the design and implementation of workforce development practices and policies through research, analysis and the provision of insights and expertise.

Undertaking and assisting in the identification, design and recognition of continuing professional development for individuals and teams.

See our brands

The four brands which make up The Workforce Development Trust group deliver workforce solutions that meet the unique needs of different sectors, whilst being united by our core values and charitable aims.